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We run the sanctuary from our family home and survive on the goodwill of fundraisers and helpers.  


We have many welfare cases that take considerable amounts of time and money to get back to good mental and physical health.


Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary is a family run concern that receives no public funding of any kind.  Money is raised through donations and fund raising and nobody gets paid for the help they give these creatures. 


Every penny is spent feeding, transporting, maintaining, healing and training the animals in our care.


The sanctuary helps horses, cows, pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats and some dogs and cats too. 


There are very few places in the UK who can take farm animals so a lot of our rescues travel a long way to get to us.


Some animals are available for rehoming, see the rehoming information page.  Some will spend their lives here because of age, previous abuse or health problems and you can help these animals to live a better life by sponsoring them and helping them to get extra treats, new rugs and lots of love.






Come and join us on our facebook page or group to see up to date chat and photos and more information on our animals needing new homes.

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