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Animals Available for Rehoming

We are firm believers in finding a person for the horse, rather than a horse for the person.  The horse's welfare and happiness comes above all else, and for this reason we ask that any enquiries about a horse are made by telephone only, so that we can discuss the options and possibly arrange a viewing.  Before any viewings are done, we request written recommendation from an equine vet (your regular vet, or one you intend using if you have never owned a horse before), along with written recommendation from your riding instructor, outlining your riding ability and suitability to own one of our horses. All our horses are thoroughly vetted, microchipped, wormed, castrated and assessed before they are put up for rehoming.  


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Miami is 14.2hh and is a 15 year old coloured mare of American stock. We are currently assessing her needs at the moment and hopfully she will be available for rehoming soon.

 Miami is currently being assessed and will hopefully be available for rehoming soon.  She is a good all-rounder who has done some clear round jumping and hacking in her past.  She can get a bit emotional in the spring because she has produced foals in the past, but her hormones have settled more now, and she is improving all the time.  On the ground she is a very sweet natured mare.  Her more recent past is sad, however, as she was bought by people who completely mismanaged her, and who missold her as a bombproof mare for a child, which was potentially dangerous.  At present she needs firm, experienced, competent and confident management, to take her back to basics and bring her on from there.  Until that special person is found, Miami will remain here with us.

Coco is the most fantastic forward going girl. 14.2hh approximately, 16 years old and FABULOUS!

This lovely, sweet natured mare came to us through no fault of her own - her owner simply ran out of money and unfortunately Coco needed to be rehomed.  She is forward going and not a novice ride; nothing silly, just strong.  Coco is currently in our rescue centre looking for her forever home.  She needs a confident rider: maybe a mother-daughter share for this lovely girl would be her ideal dream home?

Wish is a thoroughbred mare, approximately 14 years old and passported at 16hh.

Wish has raced and showjumped in her earlier years but had not been ridden for a few years.  When we tacked her up and got on her she was as good as gold and remembered her job beautifully, with no issues with traffic.  Sadly her previous owner passed away recently so he never got to see his horses come back to work. A very sad story as this gentleman loved his horses dearly, we recused 3 from the same home.

Wish is currently in our Sanctuary and is looking for her forever home.


Dumbledore is a 13.3hh heavy draught gelding, approximately 6 years old.
The fabulous Tommy is a 14.2hh Sec D heavyweight gelding aged 8 yrs.

This boy needs an experienced teenager/adult rider to keep him in serious work; maybe a cross country type home. He has become naughty when ridden through lack of work, and needs to come home tired and wanting to sleep. Like all good men, this boy just needs to feel worked! He is a lovely natured horse who just needs someone firm and energetic to keep him occupied.

Tommy is currently in our Sanctuary due to his owner's ill health and is looking for his forever home.

Wigwam she is approximately 10 years old standing at 14.2hh, Wigwam is a nice safe heavy girl.

Here we have the lovely Wigwam. Wigwam is ridden in a bitless bridle and is ridden barefoot.  She is a lovely natured mare and would make a fabulous mother, daughter share.

Wigwam is currently at our Sanctuary looking for her forever home.


Heavy 5yr old coloured gypsy vanner x Sec D mare. Currently standing at approx 15hh, but is still growing.

Maria was started very nicely with tack but will need to be broken in (as she is currently unbroken).  She is very kind and gentle, and fantastic with people. When she is broken, she will make someone a wonderful horse.

This stunning girl is currently in our Sanctuary looking for her lifetime home.


Beauty is a young 6 year old 14.2hh mare. 

We feel that Beauty would make someone a fantastic competition pony.  She is incredibly sweet natured, but needs someone very experienced to take her all the way to the top.

Beauty is currently in our Sanctuary and is looking for her forever home.


Dumbledore is a gorgeous boy is approximately 6 years old and has recently been gelded he needs an experienced home where he can continue his education. Very sweet natured with excellent manners.

This boy is currently at our sanctuary


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