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Chinook came to Trallwm in August 2014 and although the first part of this story is twisted and sad, the last part is a celebration of bravery and tenacity. 


This wonderful horse has had to fight the world because of pain and misunderstanding. 


He was initially in a herd that were siezed by the RSPCA in a welfare situation, but terrified Chinook didn't seem a serious enough case so he was left behind.  He went on a meat lorry but was spared this fate and sold as a riding pony without having had a vet check him over.  He was totally unmanagable and fearful, and when this new owner needed a passport for him, they asked the vet to check his teeth.  Only then did it become apparent why he behaved as he did.  For seven years he had lived in agony from the two sets of teeth that had grown in his mouth. This was obviously excruciating and explained why as a riding pony he wasn't really cutting it: anything he perceived would hurt him like a headcollar or a bridle he would fight or avoid. 


He had a major operation to remove the teeth causing him pain shortly afterwards, but he remains fearful.  He will still try to hide behind a tree when he sees strangers, believing if he can't see them, they won't be able to see him!  Gradually he is learning to trust people and is slowly becoming more receptive to strangers.  Miraculously he is also learning to trust headcollars and we hope soon to introduce him to bitless bridles with a view to finding a loving and understanding forever home in the not too distant future.  For now, he will stay in our care until he is ready to move on.


He needs your help to continue his journey to trust and acceptance.  Hopefully he will one day find a human to love him.    


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